Mäxmellow´s Story


we are a small german clothing label with one goal and one goal only: bring back color into the streets!


All our designs are made with TONS of love, joy and happiness, most of them while traveling the world with a smile on the face.


Our clothing represents the feeling of freedom that you have while standing on the peak of a high mountain after a long hike or when strolling around the streets of a place you have never been to before –



The link between traveling and designing apparel leads back to Mäxmellow´s childhood when his parents started showing him remote places of the globe, besides he always had a passion for everything colorful and extraordinary.


For the reason that Mäxmellow never found the clothes he loved in stores or anywhere else, one day he came up with the idea of designing his own apparel.


And how it is sometimes, people started to ask Mäxmellow, who actually studied china studies and anthropology at university, where they can purchase these groovy shirts he is always wearing.


So in 2017 we founded a small start up clothing label, back then called “meinshirtshop”, and started touring around Europe to sell our stuff on big music festivals and fashion fairs...


...this year and in the years to come, you will also find us on many events or you can purchase your favorite apparel 24/7 on https://www.maxmellow-apparel.com/


To be continued...